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12 June 2021

The Belvedere Bigfoot

  • Performance

Join us at 5pm as part of Cruinniú na nÓg for a voyage of exploration where local artist and facilitator Paul Timoney will bring one of Belvedere’s former owner’s – Charles Howard-Bury – back to explore the estate in search of ‘The Belvedere Bigfoot’!

Charles was a keen adventurer and explorer who travelled around the world to far flung places and brought interesting plants and animals back to Belvedere.

Charles will return to Belvedere Estate on June 12th for Cruinniú na nÓg to demonstrate some animal movements and secret explorer techniques that you can use to move through nature without being detected.

On his way he’ll be trying to unravel the mystery of the huge creature that some claim to have spotted on the forest walk recently… Charles, who has climbed Mount Everest, and doesn’t believe in Yetis, isn’t one bit worried though. He’ll use observation, concentration, patience and the power of looking carefully, to make drawings, gather evidence, and hopefully solve the riddle of The Belvedere Bigfoot!

Downloadable materials are available,na,nOg/index.html to join in on the day or have fun in your own time!

Parental supervision advised for outdoor activities.

Throughout the event various important skills will be demonstrated and children can then use these skills to go on an adventure in their own environment and see what they can find!

Materials required:

Pencils and paper 

Downloadable activity sheets

Belvedere House Gardens & Park



12 Jun 2021

5.00PM - 5.18PM

Age range