15 June 2019

The Bemusement Games

  • Workshop

Fuinseog Woodland Crafts presents The Bemusement Games at the Leitrim Design House.

This event will be filled with fun and games for children, young people and their family. Niall Miller and Brenda McLoughlin from Fuinseog Woodland Crafts will present traditional and not-so-traditional wooden games.

The traditional games include chess/draughts, spinning tops, and ring toss. The not-so-traditional games include marble runs, wooden pinball, and mazes. These are locally made and handcrafted traditional games that all ages, cultures, and abilities can engage with.

Niall and Brenda have extensive experience in facilitating events. These talented craft makers will share with their young audience how the games were created. They will be informed about what type of wood was used, what kind of tree provides this wood, and how to identify this type of tree by its leaf/fruit/nut (and where these trees are located).

Niall and Brenda will also guide children in making toss rings. The rings for the ring toss game are made from home-grown willow and are suitable for all ages to make. They are also the basis for making dreamcatchers and decorative wreaths for door and table decorations.

Young participants will be inspired not only by playing these handcrafted games but also in learning how the games are created. This event will encourage innovation in the young and will entice participants to go on to construct their own games at home.



Leitrim Design House
The Dock Arts Centre
St Georges Terrace
N41 T2X2

15 Jun 2019

2.00PM - 4.00PM

Age range

All ages