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12 June 2021

The Hazel WanderLings

  • Workshop

Come with us into the magical Hazel Woods, where our little Hazel WanderLings are foraging the mossy undergrowth for their magical wands. Fairy Áine, who has used up all her moon magic to become an adult, will share the secrets of the Hazel Wander Fairies with you: They love the Hazel tree and they love when children visit their home.

Fairy Áine will teach you the fairy song that will call your very own wand to reveal itself to you. 

You are made of magic, and once you believe in your very own magic powers and sing the special song, your wand will find you.

With help from the fairies, we will cast our first spells and become Hazel WanderLings, perhaps even growing our own Hazel WanderWings.  

Hosted by performance artist Áine O’Brien, this adventure will be a magical and imaginative journey to be enjoyed by young children and parents alike. The pre-recorded video will be available all day on June 12th, on the Clare Library YouTube channel and shared on Creative Ireland Clare Facebook Page.


Creative Ireland Clare Facebook Page

Online Event

12 Jun 2021

10.30AM - 10.45AM

Age range