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13 June 2020

The Little Sunflower Seed with Dolores Keaveney

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For this online workshop Dolores will read from her latest picture book “The little Sunflower Seed” which was published in 2019 and then Dolores will give a step by step demonstration on how to sow sunflower seeds, from planting the seed to transplanting out into your very own garden. Dolores will conclude this workshop with a brief talk on the history, benefits and uses of this awesome flower. Dolores will look at the sunflower, the most versatile flower in any garden, feeding the bees, the birds and all of us. Her story is sure to please everyone in the family, particularly the younger children. 

The Little Sunflower Seed is about a Granny and her two grandchildren who loved gardening and about a trip to a garden centre and a packet of sunflower seeds. The sunflower was the smallest seed in the packet but grew to be the tallest in the garden and won the Tallest Sunflower Competition.  The moral of the story is that the smallest can be the greatest.

This event will be available all day on Saturday 13th June, to find out more please follow the link below

If you have a story you would like to share with us or pictures of you planting sunflower seeds at home please send them to us at

The Little Sunflower Seed with Dolores Keaveney

Online Event

13 Jun 2020

Age range

All ages