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11 June 2022

The Magical Story of Stars – a drawing workshop with a presentation

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In Mayo, we have some crystal clear dark skies. The colours of stars stand out well here. It would be appropriate for children to at least lookup and recognise the colours and what they mean.
In this workshop, we will learn about the birth of stars in the night sky. We will learn about baby stars, middle-aged stars, and how stars continue their circle of life at the end of their lives.

Included in the presentation the children will learn how to recognise our galaxy in the summer night sky. We will look at the ingredients of stars and realise all humans are made of the same elements.

The children will look at a giant photograph of a cloud of gas and dust where stars are born. This 8 foot X 5-foot photograph will mesmerise the children as they help roll it out. Our solar system is a mere jelly tot in size to its enormous view.
The presentation includes a look at the James Webb Space Telescope, which will bring us the latest information about stars to us all this summer.

We will learn how our star the sun holds us all together. How humans from many countries and animals of all kinds, share life on this Earth. Finally, we will draw the Orion constellation where baby stars are born, we can see its cloud (nebula) with our eyes. One young blue star and one old red star that could go super nova at anytime, stand out. A constellation visible to the eye from our home in Mayo.

Workshops take place in Westport Library at

10:00 to 11:00 and 11:30 to12:30



The Magical Story of Stars – a drawing workshop with a presentation

Online Event

Westport Library

11 Jun 2022

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