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11 June 2022

The Yellow River Exhibition

  • Workshop

The Yellow River is an exhibition by 2nd class pupils at Ballinamore National School, open to the public at Island Theatre on Friday 10 June.

There will be snacks and refreshments and a formal presentation of the work by the children themselves. This will include a description of the processes they have used in the investigations and in the creation of the work, as well as descriptions of the artists who have been influential in the choice of media and execution.

The pictorial and sculptural work that forms this exhibition has been created by the pupils over a number of weeks, through collaborations with visiting artist Kate Wilson, and is particularly inspired by site visits to the local Yellow River that runs through the centre of Ballinamore.

Island Theatre


Island Theatre
Convent Road
Co. Leitrim
N41 K0D6

10 Jun 2022

2.00PM - 4.00PM

Age range