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12 June 2021

Together Again: Collaborative Art Showcase

  • Workshop

You’re invited to see the work of six young artists, which will be exhibited on a billboard in Ballina on June 12th.

The work is part of the Art and Movement Group, a collaborative of artists age 7 to 16 who live in Mayo and are all members of Down Sydndrome Mayo. This project will allow them to celebrate their creativity as they make new work together over a five-week period. For the month of April into May, the group will meet once a week either in person in the workshop space/outdoor space of Ballina Arts Centre, or using a combination of online and physical workshops. All social distancing guidelines will be followed.

The group will work on a large scale piece of art that encourages interaction with one another’s artwork on one large surface. The final piece will be be professionally photographed and printed to size for the exhibition.

This inspiring project is a collaboration between Down Syndrome Mayo, Ballina Arts Centre, and artist Alice Dixon. It allows the young artists to build on their experience from previous group exhibitions and projects.

Ballina Arts Center

Online Event

08 Apr 2021 - 12 Jun 2021

Age range

All ages