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13 June 2020

Together with Nature

  • Workshop

Join textile artist Aideen Cross and a group of young people on Cruinniú na nÓg as they present their textile artworks created when they were asked to work alone to design and create their own habitat in nature with fabrics as their resources. This project allows young people to express themselves into the world outside and into nature where eventually their art work will connect them with others.

In the weeks building up to Cruinniú na nÓg, Aideen will encourage, guide and connect with the children through a series of video links and WhatsApp chat groups (with their parents’ guidance). The children will be able to see each other’s work, while sharing ideas and working as a team, but still working independently in their own homes. They will be encouraged to source fabrics and other materials needed from their home, recycling it into the project.

Each child creates and designs their dream Tree House in fabric and fibre, before joining it all up visually with a series of video clips. The process of designing, brain storming, problem solving and of course creating will be edited by a videographer to give a final presentation of their work for June 13th. This will be a unique experience for the children and artist, all working independently while connecting with others to create a wonderful visual art piece.

This event will be available all day on Saturday 13th June on the YouTube channel below


Click here to view event on Saturday 13th June

Online Event

13 Jun 2020

11.00AM - 10.00PM

Age range

All ages