15 June 2019

Ukulele Workshop With Performance

This event is intended to enable children and young people from County Leitrim to experience the fun of playing and improvising together as a group.

It will be suitable for both beginners as well as those who may already have some experience of playing the ukulele. Children and young people who would like to observe to see what it is all about are welcome to do so, too. There will be an opportunity to play percussion instruments as well as singing.

The students will use ukuleles, percussion instruments, and various vocal sounds to create the sound of a train. The creative practice of composing and improvising will encourage social creativity which in turn will contribute towards confidence building.

On completion of their composition, they will listen to and then learn an already composed piece which sounds like a train. Creativity will be enhanced through interaction and the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and expertise among the participants and the leaders. While their creative instincts will be nurtured through composition and improvisation, they will also be learning to play together as a group of musicians or an ensemble.

A short performance by The Ukebox will allow us to hear a variety of songs from around the globe, giving the participants an insight to the vast amount of countries where ukulele is played and will give a sense of the varieties and styles of music from different cultures.

Suitable for ages 9-17. 



Co. Leitrim

15 Jun 2019

5.30PM - 6.30PM

Age range