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12 June 2021

What Space Has Taught Us About Ourselves

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We’ve been exploring space for over 60 years now, and much has been learned about our neighbouring planets, the sun, and galaxies in our universe. Now there’s talk of humans returning to the Moon, the first female footprint on the lunar surface, and further missions to Mars. Where are we headed, what’s it all for, and why should we care? 

Join Dr. Niamh Shaw—engineer, scientist, and presenter of RTÉ’s ‘Space Hub—as she answers these questions in an engaging talk aimed at older teens. Niamh will give context to space exploration past, present, and future and consider its huge impact on us as a species and on our planet. For this entertaining and award-winning speaker, space highlights the power of our own agency as humans, inviting us to see the world more holistically.

This programme is suitable for ages 16+. Copies of Niamh’s’ new book, ‘Dream Big’, will be given out to lucky participants on the night.

The talk will be held on Zoom and booking is required.

What Space Has Taught Us About Ourselves Booking

Online Event

12 Jun 2021

7.00PM - 7.40PM

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