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Caterina Chiu Paone

I’m in 2nd Class at Ballygiblin National School in County Cork

Last year I entered the This is Art competition and won the 7 years and under category with my collage of a cat.  Being creative makes me happy and confident. When I make my art I think everything will be OK.

One of my earliest creative memories is when I was 6 and I made a Paper Town for my 10  paper dolls. The town was mostly made of paper, there is a restaurant, a library, a mall, a furniture shop, a school, a clothes shop, a holiday hotel and beach, and of course, and a few little houses for the paper dolls!

My best friend Maire is my creative hero because she impresses me with her wonderful and extraordinary drawing. She is also a huge fan of animals and she can name and draws a lot of them.

The best thing about Cruinniú na nÓg is Young people are giving the chance to think creative and act it out. We can talk about our art work in our own ways that we like. We can express ourselves freely.

On Cruinniú na nóg I’ll be pretty busy Irish dancing, drawing, painting and writing novels.

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