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11 June 2022

The Barceló Brothers

Rarely without an instrument in hand or a catchy tune on the brain, County Galway’s super talented Barceló Brothers are known far and wide for their contagious ‘joie de vivre’ and musical virtuosity – making them ideal Ambassadors for Cruinniú na nÓg 2022.

Part of a music-making family, multi-instrumentalist gaeilgeoirí Séamus (15) and Míchéal (12) are, quite simply, born entertainers! Despite their youth, the pair are seasoned pros when it comes to commanding a stage, having performed with their dad Miquel at home and abroad since they were knee-high.

“I’m making people feel happy while doing something that I really love” 

Séamus even recalls that some of their earliest forays into music included times when “we used to bring our instruments to the crossroads near our house and play there as if we were actual buskers.”

With their self-penned songs and infectious genre blend of zydeco, rhythm and blues, soul and funk, this Galway duo make enthusiastic dancers out of just about everyone!

And performing is a true passion for the pair. Séamus explains that when playing, “I feel excited and happy as it gives me a safe and free environment in which I can be creative. When I see others smile as I play music and perform, it gives me courage and joy as I am making people feel happy while doing something that I really love.” 

Says brother Michéal of performing, “I feel very happy, calm and excited and I can forget about everything. It makes me feel safe but also free.”

Just be yourself and don’t be afraid

Michéal’s advice for young people looking to explore their own creative potential? “Just be yourself and don’t let others tell you what to do, express yourself through any sort of creativity or art, like art itself, music, dance and even sports. Just be yourself and don’t be afraid.”

And as for what creativity means to them, the pair insists that “creativity is another world outside of the norm.” Now that’s a sentiment we can get behind!

Catch the Barceló Brothers performing at ‘Wake the Fairies’ on the Hill of Knockma, County Galway on Cruinniú na nÓg, June 11th.

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