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Joe Ó Chuirrín


10 mbliana d’aois

Associated Strategic Partner     


School & Class 

“Scoil Náisiúinta na Rinne 4th class”

Tell us about yourself   

Tá mé i mo chónaí sa Rinn. Is breá liom iomáint peil, sacair, cartadh, snámh, lego agus an feadóg stáin a sheinm

Earliest memory of your Creative Activity?         

My earliest memory of creativity is receiving a present of Lego from my uncle for Christmas and spending the next four days assembling it

When/how did you begin your favourite creative activity?         

Thosaigh mé ag dhéanamh Lego nuair a bhí mé trí mbliana d’aois nuair a bhfuair mé mo chéad Lego set mar bronntanas

How do you feel when you’re being creative?   

I feel happy because I like what I’m doing. I’m interested and focused on it and I love seeing the end result

What advice would you give other young people to encourage their creativity?         

I’d just say find what you like doing and do more of it. Don’t do for other people to make them happy. Do it for yourself

Who is your creative hero and why?     

“Tá mo dad mo laoch cruthaitheach mar tá sé an t-aon duine atá a fhios agam go bhfuil ábalta rud iontach a dhéanamh as rud beag”

Finish the sentence, ‘creativity is…’       

“Creativity is making, building, improving. Creativity is anything you want it to be. “

In your own words, what’s the best thing about Ireland having Cruinniú na nÓg, a national day celebrating creativity for young people?     

Tá sé go maith mar is féidir leat buaile le daoine le leasanna comhchosúla agus smaointe a athrú

Your planned engagement on Cruinniú na nÓg Day       

I really want to get involved in anything that involves designing, building and learning and trying things I haven’t tried before

Is there anything else exciting you’d like to tell us?        

I once made a trailer with my dad by drawing out the plans first and then building. I love fixing and building things with my Dad. I love all sports, in particular GAA and Soccer.

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