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Sophia Natasha McNamara

Age 11

Associated Strategic Partner     

Rhyme Island

School & Class 

5th class. Mary’s on the Hill N.S National School Cork City

Tell us about yourself   

“I love to play soccer, Gaelic football and hurling with my teams. I love to attend the Kabin studio to write and record my own beats and lyrics. I love being there to express myself and to be creative. I love walking my two dogs Bonnie and Phoebe. I especially love going to a beach or a forest to explore nature and maybe find some bugs. I like to listen to music, and to dance and mess about.  I love arts and crafts. I love being outside all the time.”

Earliest memory of your Creative Activity?         

My first memory would be my first concert which was Ed Sheeran, But I got I got serious about music when I was attended a summer camp in the Kabin studio.

When/how did you begin your favourite creative activity?         

My favourite activity is to attend the Kabin studio a few times a week for my different groups. When GMC beats from the Kabin studio came to my school /class for a workshop on writing songs, I knew I loved it straight away.

How do you feel when you are being creative? 

Just so happy that I can express what I’m feeling.

What advice would you give other young people to encourage their creativity?         

Stay confident and do not listen to negative comments. Try new things and get out of your comfort zone.

Who is your creative hero and why?     

All my friends and tutors at the Kabin Studio especially Garry who introduced me to music. They help me a lot and I look up to them as they all make their own music as well.

Finish the sentence, ‘creativity is…’       

A way to express yourself through anything you love doing.

In your own words, what’s the best thing about Ireland having Cruinniú na nÓg, a national day celebrating creativity for young people?     

To show other people you can achieve anything you put your mind too

Your planned engagement on Cruinniú na nÓg Day       

Rhyme Island Event in Cork

Is there anything else exciting you’d like to tell us?        

I am really excited to meet new people threw this experience. I am looking forward to having fun and showing people how creative I am.

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